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Roman Numbers – History, Meanings, Conversion and Use

Roman Numbers came from the beginnings of ancient Rome as the name of the number system suggests. It developed out of the need for a widely used and universally understood method of counting for the people of that time since having a universally understood method of counting is important for trade and communications. The counting system is based on counting ... Read More »

Roman Numerals Tattoo

roman numerals tattoo

Roman Numerals tattoo is a current trend at present time. In fact, numerous celebrities have chosen to get inked with Roman Numerals tattoo and flaunt it as part of their style. With the time-enduring beauty of Roman Numbers, it is not a surprise then that a lot of people find that it is actually cool to have a Roman Numerals ... Read More »

Roman Numerals History

roman numerals history

Roman numerals history is a long and complicated one that mirrors the rise and fall of the empire from where it was from, the Roman Empire. The history of roman numerals dates way back from ancient Rome’s beginnings itself around the 8th and 9th century on the hills of Palatine and then follows it through plague, sickness, attacks from barbaric ... Read More »

Roman Numeral Converter

Converting roman numerals to numbers and vice versa might take a lot of practice, luckily for you, we have this free online Roman Numerals Converter. How to use The Roman Numeral Converter? Using the Roman Numeral Converter is easy! Just follow the steps below: Convert Roman Numerals To Numbers Convert Numbers to Roman Numerals Step 1: Figure out what you ... Read More »